Jumat, 06 Juni 2008


Hi! My name is Yosafat Agus, from Indonesia.

I have almost 12000 fantasy pictures (sci-fi movies, superheroes, cartoons, anime, toys, video games character, etc.). I collected them from newspapers, old-magazines, comic-books,note-books, stickers, cards, toys, snacks, candy, key holder, posters, and almost all stuffs which have “superheroes” picture.

I started when I was 10yrs old boy, in 1978. I began to love SUPERHEROES when I read our Indonesian superheroes : Gundala, Godam, Aquanus, Maza, Kapten Bayangan, Laba-laba Merah, etc. I also found some “marvel” and “DC” translated comics. In 1978 I began to watch television programs : STAR TREK Classics. Almost everynight I starred at sky and said to myself : “Can we go to outer space, one day?”. Then, I began to collect all information about my favorite stuffs : from newspaper, comics, magazine, note-books, etc. I have a new hobby : “Collecting Fantasy Pictures”.

When I grew-up, I went to Junior High School, this “hobby” never stop. This continues even when I went to Senior High School. Also when I must look for job for my family, I continued this hobby.

I love all SUPERHERO pictures, so I collected them. I'm still collecting those pictures,until now.

My most favorites collection is a notebook's cover from 1973.

Maybe we didn’t find SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN, HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA or other superheroes among us, but we can find “real superheroes” : police, fireman, doctor, nurse, and a lot of people who “fight like superheroes” does. But, I asure you, we can find a lot of PICTURES about SUPERHEROES around us!

So, I want to share with you, about “OUR SUPERHEROES” today. And some people who bring them to me : TOY SELLERS.

I hope, you’ll enjoy this homepage.

Yosafat Agus - INDONESIA

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