Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

Robin Halloween Outfits by Mike Gomes

Halloween is a great time of year to dress your kids up and have a little fun! Vampires and ghosts are becoming a little over rated though, you just see too many of them each year. What about Batman and Robin? They are great characters with interesting costumes but you hardly ever see anyone wearing these kind of outfits. Robin works well for boys, girls, and even a grown woman could pull it off. It isn't too difficult to make a robin costume, but batman costumes will be a little trickier. You can buy Robin Halloween outfits relatively inexpensively but Batman will definitely be a little pricey if you really want to look like a superhero. Even if none of the older kids don't want to be robin, wouldn't a toddler look cute in a superhero costume like Robin's?

Robin Halloween outfits can be found in any size you can think of, even plus size. Batman may be a little harder to find when it comes to plus size outfits but it's still possible. A couple of kids dressed up as Batman and Robin is a pretty cute picture though isn't it? The Joker would be an excellent Halloween idea as well. A purple suit (you would probably have to buy one of these, I seriously doubt you have one just lying around) is all you really need. White face paint and red lipstick is pretty easy to come by. Batgirl has a cute costume as well and would be a great choice for girls who don't find Robin's costume very appealing. Don't forget cat-woman either!

There are a lot of good costume ideas that are related to Batman and you don't see people wearing them very often. This would be fun for adults to wear to costume parties as well. If you do decide to go with Robin, it is probably a pretty good idea to buy a pre-fabricated costume unless you have extensive tailoring experience. The suit itself wouldn't be such a big job, but the cape would be a challenge. You could simply buy a black cape and be done with it for most other costumes, but Robin has a yellow cape. A cape isn't something you can just slap together real fast. It takes time and you would save a lot of hassle just buying a full costume. It's such a brilliant costume idea. It's hard to imagine why you hardly ever see Robin on Halloween.


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