Jumat, 15 April 2011

Samaritan - The Real Life Superhero

Every hero has his secrets. But one thing Samaritan makes no secret of is his commitment to caring for children. And for this Real Life Superhero living and working in New York City, that commitment begins with the dawn of every new day.

With a broadly drawn mission, encompassing work with the elderly, the environment, safety patrols, outreach and childhood literacy, Samaritan goes where he is needed most. “I’m looking to touch all bases, and maybe even create some no one has thought of.” And in his ready-for-anything tactical gear, he is doing just that. “For me, these acts of kindness are the province of heroes. Being a hero for me is a battle with my human nature—to put others ahead of myself. It’s a constant struggle that I know I haven’t quite mastered, but I know that when you stop trying, that’s when you lose sight of what you’re about,” he says candidly.

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